Review : Herborist Body Butter (B.A.N.A.N.A)

Cewek emang ribet, from top to toe ada aja pernak-pernik perawatannya. Mau cuek oraiso, dikira jorok, ntar gak punya pacar looh, ga nikah, desperate mendalam.
bawahahha cut..cut (drama berlebihan) yaaa, minimal bikin nyaman diri sendiri lah, sejorok-joroknya sayah, pasti mandi, walau cuma sekali sehari. (okey saya jujur!)


Review (Sponsored) : Shizengokochi Facial Soap (Green tea) By Cow Style Indonesia

Hi all.
Still full energy to posting more review, Shizengokochi Facial Shop (Green Tea) By Cow Style Indonesia. Apa sich shizen gokochi pasti banyak yang gak tau yaa? 

March Haul Plus Some Freebies

Hi pals !!
trying to speak in english for this posting, fluent my english language. So sorry if i'd made lot mistake, only human being.. hahahha

Fresh month, yeaay pay day. anyway, I 'm lazy person, yep i know exactly who i'm!! Sometimes wanna show off all of you what i buy and sharing each stuff that i buy in early month. But always too lazy writing all of idea into my blog, my head overcrowded but my hand too lazy pour them into a blog, bzzzz. Can't remember last my haul's posting yet.

So how much i bought for this month, not too many as u can imagine. Me too pennywise, spell correctly... hahahha. (skip that) bact to main topic what am i buy? let see then,,

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