March Haul Plus Some Freebies

Hi pals !!
trying to speak in english for this posting, fluent my english language. So sorry if i'd made lot mistake, only human being.. hahahha

Fresh month, yeaay pay day. anyway, I 'm lazy person, yep i know exactly who i'm!! Sometimes wanna show off all of you what i buy and sharing each stuff that i buy in early month. But always too lazy writing all of idea into my blog, my head overcrowded but my hand too lazy pour them into a blog, bzzzz. Can't remember last my haul's posting yet.

So how much i bought for this month, not too many as u can imagine. Me too pennywise, spell correctly... hahahha. (skip that) bact to main topic what am i buy? let see then,,

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maybe i must give a number for each stuff, easier for description.

1. Hada Labo Shirojyun Facial Wash
Re-purchase for emm.. four or five times i guess, i love this stuff. Mild and free mineral oil, coloring also parfume too, it contain hyaluronic acid and arbutin moistly my skin well and it can make my face more brighten then. Price for about 25.000 IDR, i've got large tube on my face they compleatly run out for two months or more using on everyday use (at morning and after activity)

2. Hada Labo Tamagohada Facial Wash
My second choice for face wash, if i have more oily face (on my PMS periode) my face also become refinery, sigh so glint on daylight. I try use tamagohada, alhamdullilah match with my skin very well, re-purchase for three times. xoxo,, tamagohada made my face matte feel, throw away my oil face. But if i use it more often my skin face will be crack, sore. Maybe because it contain AHA and BHA, tamagohada packing written 'mild peeling', as i know AHA and BHA will scrape a surface of dead skin. Price for bout 30.000 IDR

3. Vienna Chocolate Scrub
A girl never skip a chocolate, hahaha. My first time purchase vienna with another scent uhhh ahhh chocolate. Smell so good i really can't skip it, i also buy original goat milk vienna scrub. A goat milk still exist on my bathroom, my mama will "nyap-nyap" for this dissipation. I love vienna, first time i buy vienna because vienna have a good rave on one of make up community facebook. Cheap, easy to find and made a good result, ok maybe i will buy them. until now i'm in love, i use it before take a bath twice a week, also mix vienna with thailand's bath salt, then leave it dry for 15 minutes, scrub scrub nananna you will see flaky dirt fall off. After that rinse with water and ur skin more moistfull and chewy for a while. Price 55.000 IDR

4. Rexona Flower Seed 
Since people talk bout save earth, global warming, wisely for earth blabla. Reduce use all bout spray stuff, i change my deodorant form, then i choose roll on contain flower seed that can help for brighten my armpit. Price 12.500 IDR

5. L'Occittane Hand Cream Shea Butter (Travel Size)
Famous france brand skin care, most best seller hand cream. i've got free because they celebrate a birthday, sharing free travel size hand cream on Facebook. They send coupon to email, bring and change it to counter at PVJ. First impression, i feel this hand cream too thick, hard too blend into my skin, maybe my skin too rhino's, hahaha pricey cream can't absorb well.

6. L'Oreal Glam Shine Lipgloss 
Forgot shade, i,ve got from winning quiz loreal on twitter

7. L'Oreal Color Riche Nail Polish No.610 Rebel Blue
I love a color of rebel blue, it is so cool and i got for free from winning quiz. lalalla same as with a lipgloss,,

some eotd
8/10. Kracie Ichikami Sakura Scent Conditioner and Shampoo
Decide buy a new shampoo while you have a galon at ur home is a sin. -____- i can't handle my self seeing discount or promo. Give up *white flag* buy big bottle :'),, what am i doing? when i arrived at home. *crying a while* too much drama i guess,, hahaha. Bought 66.000 IDR each so i spend bout 132.000 for conditioner and shampoo, The BA ( Beauty Advisor) become an evil poisoned me with her word, but kracie scent so nice i can't skip that its sakura. Calm my feeling at the same time poison my brain to buy them two large big bottle. Baah!!

First impression, it have sakura scent and i love that, never before use sakura scent for my hair product. Kracie ichikami is japanese product, recently display in a lot of nationally guardian (drugstore indonesia). They claim made hair softer and smells so good. Yaa i've tried it once since i buoght them the day before yesterday, my hair softer and have a nice scent, it doesn't contain SLS. Good news, realized i was buying a right product. My previous containing SLS.

9. Original Source Vanilla and Raspberry Scent 250ml
Many Indonesia Beauty Blogger review this product, its a liquid soap brand UK wondered what it smell decide buy  a 250ml size with Vanilla and Raspberry Fragrance, *sniff-sniff* they smell like walls ice cream strawberry. Sweet and fresh, remembering i'm a lazy person eveything also lazy even a shower, my boyfie always guff about my habit, i dont care. he still love me who i'm. hahahha. *over confident*  :')

So for awakening and fight my lazy shower habit must have many shower soap on my bathroom with diffrent fragrance, But it still contain SLS, leave a slippery impression on my skin but they fragrance exclude all minus. 

11. Silkygirl Sharp Eyeliner (Felt tip Aplicator, very thin)
Tempted with promo buy 1 get 1 on Matahari dept. store, review from my cousin infused me. Buy it with big eye mascara, felt in love with an applicator thin felt tip more cheaper than drugstore product like Ma*****ine, wondered u know what i mean. But it's not waterproof when a take wudhu pretty black curve line that i draw in my lid fade away a little in my corner eyes. gothic looked!! O_o Price bout 45.000 IDR for 2. Norm Price bout 45.000 IDR.

12. Silkygirl Big Eye Mascara
Lookin my cousin use this mascara so good at her, her eyes look bigger than her lashes thicker and stunning. Me want too, so i try it. Not as good as good as when my cousin wear it. :'( but the mascara is waterproof, maybe i will review later. Norm price 45.000 IDR. Made my eyes lashes more lenght and spread my lashes and it doesn't clump on tip lashes, doesn't made fall out lashes too after erase it with remover.

13. Aubeau Foundation Liquid 20ml
Since i had a lot of acne scars from PMS cycle, dot dot my polkadot face. Huuh!! i must found and get some light foundation that can cover my acne spot for everyday use. Acne scars always stressful, have tried use this for twice, i will review later for more. So far running well, matte finish and velvet feel cheap price but it still contain kind parabeans. Price bout 35.000 IDR.

14. YSL Golden Gloss (forget the shade)
Freebies from event was held for beauty blogger in Bandung, report event click it 

15. Face Mask Kracie
Freebies from buying kracie ichikami shampoo and conditioner, rollin lucky dip. psst i should get one but i push a BA for gimme two. hahahha,, robbery. If you buy 120.000 IDR you can take a lucky dip. mask sheet price about 26.000 IDR.

See yaa on my next post.
Thank you for coming.. 


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