My Fears On Saturday Nite

Be brave to blogging with an english language.
We must try to sharp ur skill.. 

Last nite, on saturday. I had mini gathering with the other friend's from beauty blogger from Bandung region. We meet together  at "Pasar Tong-Tong" Ciwalk. If you stay on Bandung u absolutly know what's ciwalk? it's Cihampelas Walk, mall which has build youngster hang out, the paint of their buliding so colorfull and also on satuday nite many band locally perform on stage which provide by their management. Hectic on saturday, (ahaha all of mall always hectic on saturday, silly me!!) i've forgot take a picture. bad me,, next epi i must add. 

I've meet with Fina and Miya, eeh we have 4 letter for nickname aiiih (not important). It soo fun meet with people on same passion. we never loose our talk. Never ending chat,, we talking bout product, review, share new knowledge ecah other. Its so F.U.N. Time goes so fast,, We finished our chic chat on 8.00 PM its so late. After that, for closing our fun day talking bout beauty, don't forget to buy some babies again. 

Here's.. Mini Maybelline Haul

awesome things babylips :* got a discount 20% if we minimal purchasing 100.000 IDR. So i bought 4 babylips (2 for miya and fina) and 1 remover (mine almost empty so i buy a new one..:)) ) Before it get disc, price of babylips was 18.500 IDR disc 20% than become only 14.800. yeiiiy quiet a cheap. lately, never forget to buy my sin. Yap chocolate, their are really sweet and relaxing. why i called them my sins. i've never stop buying choclate, their always stay on my room. i hope not being more fat no fat no fat..

Hey sins i'm diet

Only buy 1 OZ, for 33.000 IDR on import chocolate corner Ciwalk. After some cheerful days becaome grey. :(( we go home 09.00 PM too late. Time running like a mad cow. We must go home fastly, i've ride with my motorcylcle alone in the damn cold nite. Poor me, on the way i was cut off of thief, their badness block away my motorcycle. So fears, they bring a knife shine on the dark. They took my bag and forced me to loose off my bag. i was fears, but my babies on my bag, we must save babylips, come to the battle pull up my bag me vs.thief. Even i got very shock,  try to defend mine. my motorcycle felt down into aspalt. Never mind,, my bag my babies. aakkkhhh,,

Finally the thief was give up their release mine,, people come and save me.

Really,, bad dreams was over.
Learning new experience,, be carefull. If u a girl riding or drive alone at late nigth. Dont ever trough a dark, quiet, even u are totaly brave, :D we dont know what ahead,, be save!! :)

4 komentar:

  1. aahhhh, dirimu koq bisa kejadian kaya gitu si say..
    ngerti bgt dehh
    koq ga cerita si, ada yg luka ga vi? :((

    1. kaga kin alhamdulilah,, motor gwe baret sedikit depannya. :D

      pas pulang dr ciwalk tea ituuuh. salah lewat jalan. malah cari jalan sepi biar cepet. >_<

  2. HEEE???
    itu seriusan say?
    di daerah mana ?
    ya ampuuuunnn....
    untung kamu ga knpa2!

    1. huuh fin,,alhamdulilah. teguran juga buat gwe jgn plg malem",, soalnya selama ini asik" aja plg malem no fear. semenjak kejadian itu beware..:D

      di daerah pasteur yg ada taman gelap tea fin.