Oriflame : Lipstick Pure Color Radiant Red (Kode:21153)

Pure Color Radiant Red ☺
I'd forgot when i bought this stuff??
Long time ago when Oriflame give a discount!! absolutly yes,, ^^
It price around IDR 25k with discount. To forgot at Normal Price.
U can check them out at their web  Oriflame ☺ 

How about i will capture it for you ..

they have many  shade for this product. In fact, i choosen two shade Vintage Nude and Radiant Red. But, Radiant Red i will review at first. Red is my fave (pssst...)

Let see what the inside and design or shape for their product.

Radiant Red (Gorgeous ♥)
They have affordable price but middle quality. In similar price of locally product we got more good quality of Lipstick. But i,m not to dissapoint becoz i've got their babies at discount. xoxo

Their are not to pigmented, the other side they didn't dry my lips even i  forgot use my lip balm and texture creamy enough. Thx God,, i never have Oriflame Lipstick Product,, becoz most all people said that their lipstick made ur lips dry and flaky. Its Horor!! Be brave to try two of them. Becoz the discount i guess,, i can be tough to try them. ahahaha.

the color yap yap.. ☺

Radiant red,, Cool Red
See swatches on my lips,, 

Pic #2 i've blot with tissue, look natural ♥
one more excess they have really nice scent. Not to strong disquised, i'll make suredidnt irritated ur nose. I apply only two or three swatch their ar not too pigmented. Never try to use lipstik in bold style,, too scary XD

Final Result :

Rate : 4.0 / 5.0

Repurchase : Yes, The other shade warm fuschia or vintage rose but on disc. price. :))

Price : Normal - IDR 35K i've got On Disc Price - IDR 25K

(+) :
  • Affordable
  • Didn't dry my lips even i've forgot use my lip balm
  • They have  disquised scent, feel like cherry i guess
  • Creamy enough
(-) :
  • Didn't like their case look cheap and fragile
  • Not too pigmented

2 komentar:

  1. Hi, Alvianti
    Nice review, so the color is not too pigmented and creamy, well I like creamy lipstick than the matte one.
    U make me wanna try this too and the price is really affordable :)

    Btw I nominated ur blog for Versatile Blogger Award, please check my blog post about the award.
    Thank u :)

    1. ia warnanya kurang keluar,
      tapi lumayan lah dgn harga miring gtu. wahahha. XD

      waah thx u so much,, ^^
      udh 2 org yang tag aku vesatile blogger. Segera meluncur,, langsung posting nih. :D