Sisley : Fluid Foundation Phyto Teint Eclat

A few of you dunno what is sisley?? including me.
Sisley is a french company which is create and distribute skincare and make up product into a bundle. Hubert O'rnano founded sisley in 1976, he very early people who knows about magic of botanical, becoz our human being's life a lot depends of plant to breath, eat, and heal.  For detail kind a visit their web Becoz of that hubert doin some research to found something incredible product.

U will get shocked if u know how much their are.. on counter at Indonesia specially in bandung u will find it on SOGO PVJ too pricey of me its about 1.150.000 IDR.. i was dizzy when know their price.

Mine,, Shade #0+ Vanilla
But when i see his web,, there's no shade vanilla. Maybe its Soft Beige #2, bcoz their shade same as. Lucky me i've got it FREE. Thx to Mba Arty a MUA who gimme this high end product. hihi. Kindly a visit her web of Mba Arty too see her magical hand.

its mine sori blur pic
a bottle sisley phyto teint eclat containing 1 FL.OZ/ 30 ml. Foundie sisley give your skin true radiance every morning. They said into web like that, so lets cek it out my beautifull face on it. LOL

a shade vanila
But i think its soft beige,, *CMIIW* teksture very liquid from the other brand foundie. Its remember me with my BBC History Of Whoo Whitening (their has similar texture). Becauze its mostly liquid it blend well on my face quick absorbed into my skin.

Blend it well
see a differ,, sisley give u natural coverage. Medium sheer coverage, its not too heavy to use daily. But remember once the pricey. bwahaha,, In the package sisley described that it's oil free-long lasting and non comedogene.

see my redness
see my differ cheek before and after,, medium sheer coverage of sisley gimme natural face.

it my hand with sisley after i wash 
So unbelieveble, i wash my clothes. But sisley foundie stay sweet on my hand. U can imagine, water and detergent rub it easly. But didn't happen on sisley.

Final Result :

Rate : ♥♥♥♥♥ / 5

Price : Free (If u interested its about 1.150.000 :p)

(+) :
  • i,ve got for FREE
  • easy to blend
  • their shade very magical :p
  • its skin care + make up (practically in one package)
  • travel friendly
  • an elegant simple package
(-) :
  • too pricey (if u wanna it the other one)
  • they have foundie smell (hope u know what i mean) XD

5 komentar:

  1. warnanya natural yahh.. tapi mahal banget :(


  2. Hi jessie,, ia mahal. Makanya ga aneh kalo hasilnya amazing. :D

  3. Hasilnya bagus banget di kulit. Sayang mahall.. :p

    1. nah itu lad.. XD
      kalo udh cocok mau repurchase horor juga. *minta dikawin ama anak pejabat*

      ehh btw,, aku pake BBC hystory of whoo mirip" gini loh lad,, ak beli sample c. Soalnya yg full jarnya lumance juga 600K. @_@ masih mikir keras ni juga,,

  4. hei sist....check this out, I tagged u for this award